Victim Services

Blessing Scams

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office urges members of the Chinese community to be suspicious of strangers offering to provide relief from a curse, an illness, or a ghost/spirit. The scammers offer to perform “purification” or blessing ceremonies in which cash and valuable items must be “blessed” as part of the process.

Blessing scams are essentially bait and switch schemes primarily targeting monolingual Chinese women where perpetrators claim to provide relief from a curse, an illness, or a ghost/spirit.  The scammers offer to perform “purification” or “blessing” ceremonies in which cash and valuable items must be “blessed” as part of the process. The victim’s valuables are switched during the blessing ceremony.

Blessing Scam incidents have been successfully prosecuted by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office in the past.  Any cases presented to the District Attorney’s Office will be carefully evaluated and filed when there is enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that suspects identified and arrested are guilty.

Victim Services Division staff will make presentations to community members at community-based organizations and senior centers throughout the city.  The Victim Services Division has bilingual staff and materials available in various languages available to inform, educate, and support community members.  To request a presentation please contact the Victim Services Division via email at: or via phone at (628) 652-4100.

Materials for community members

Click here to download double sided bilingual information card

Click here to download bilingual information window card 

Anyone who is confronted by scammers or anyone who knows of an elder who was approached by scammers is strongly advised to contact police. Reports can be made at any SFPD District Station or by calling Dispatch at (415) 553-0123 and requesting an officer to take a report.

Cantonese speakers can leave tips on a special tip line by calling (415) 553-9212 or

Information can also be called into the Anonymous Tip Line at (415) 575-4444 or via Text a Tip by texting a message to TIP411 and beginning the message with SFPD.









任何遇到詐騙者或認識被詐騙者接近的長者的人士,強烈建議您與警方聯絡。 可以在任何三藩市警察局 (San Francisco Police Department, SFPD) 的分局進行報告,也可以致電非緊急熱線 (415) 553-0123。

講廣東話的人士可以撥打舉報專線 (415) 553-9212或1-855-737-3847進行舉報。

您也可以撥打匿名舉報專線 (415) 575-4444進行舉報,或向TIP411發送簡訊進行舉報,簡訊請以SFPD開頭。