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The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office strives to protect public safety in San Francisco by using innovative, evidence-based approaches to address the root causes of crimesupport crime survivors, and prevent future offenses.   

For too long, prosecutors nationwide have promoted mass incarceration and relied on policies that hurt the poor and people of color disproportionately, all the while neglecting the needs of crime victims and our communities. 

DA Chesa Boudin rejects those models and instead leads the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office on a progressive path forward towards seeking true justice for justice-involved individuals, survivors, and our community overall. This means that under DA Boudin’s leadership, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office works to empower survivors of crime while also combating the underlying causes of crime.   

In San Francisco, 75% of people booked into jail struggle with substance use, mental health, or both. DA Boudin’s policies focus on prioritizing treatment, resources, and support for those whose crimes stem from underlying struggles. This also allows the office to focus resources on protecting the public from serious and violent crime. 

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office serves as a model for prosecutors’ offices nationwide. DA Boudin has pioneered innovative policies that work to end mass incarceration and protect people of color and low-income communities that have suffered at the hands of an unfair justice system. The DA’s Office also promotes the use of collaborative courts and restorative justice programs to hold individuals accountable and heal the harm caused to victims of crime.

The Office is dedicated to transparency and using ethical means to prosecute in order to protect the constitutional rights of those involved in criminal cases. 

The District Attorney

Chesa Boudin

Chesa Boudin is the District Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco. He was elected on a platform centered on protecting crime survivors; reducing unnecessary incarceration; and addressing the root causes of crime. Since taking office, he has delivered on these promises and implemented bold reforms to ensure that the criminal legal system delivers safety and justice for all San Franciscans.

 Some of DA Boudin’s renowned work include a historic expansion of the office’s Victim Services’ Division, including promoting language access for victims of crime; eliminating prosecutors’ use of money bail; holding police officers who break the law accountable; starting an Economic Crime Unit to protect workers; suing the manufacturers of ghost guns; and expanding diversion opportunities to address the underlying causes of crime and prevent recidivism.