Victim Services

Hate Crime

There is no place for hate in San Francisco. We are committed to combatting hate crimes against all targeted communities in San Francisco. Our efforts include prevention, partnership with law enforcement, and holding those who commit these crimes accountable through prosecution.

Hate crimes include bias-related:

Comments, written statements, gestures, Harassing mail, phone calls/ contact, Drawings, markings, symbols or graffiti, Objects or items connected to hate groups left at the scene of the incident, Several incidents occurring in the same area, targeting individuals of the same group.

How to Report a Hate Crime

Do not panic when you are hatefully harassed. Seek help from around you. Call 9-1-1 immediately if you are physically attacked.

After the crime, calm down and get ready to report it. Write down everything you remember about the perpetrator (gender, age, race, physical characteristics, etc.). Try to write a case description as specific as possible.

After becoming a victim or witness of a hate crime, go to the closest police station to make an incident report. Afterward, contact the Victim Services department at the SFDA’s Office to seek appropriate help. When reporting a crime, do not worry if you don’t have U.S. citizenship. You will not be asked about your immigration status. To properly protect yourself and others, please report all hate crimes.

SFPD Anonymous Tip Line: (415) 575-4444

SFPD Hate Crime Department: (415) 553-1133

SFDA Hate Crime Hotline: (628) 652-4311

SFDA Victim Services: (628) 652-4100