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Victim Services Division

The Victim Services Division (VSD) of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office strives to make the criminal justice system humane and accessible by providing support and assistance to victims and their families in the aftermath of a crime, during criminal prosecution, and after a verdict has been reached. Even if justice is served in the courtroom, it does not always immediately change the way victims feel in their day-to-day lives afterwards.

Our division provides victims with advocacy, streamlines the process for collecting restitution and recouping compensation for financial losses when possible, and, in general, works tirelessly to support victims regain control over their lives.

Please contact us for more information if you are, or have been, a victim of crime.

Victim Services Division Dashboard

This dashboard presents information on the characteristics of victims served by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Victim Services Division (VSD), based on data housed in the District Attorney’s Office’s case management system. These data are entered manually by our office’s victim advocates, who provide direct services, advocacy and general support to victims. 

This dashboard presents information on every victim who has interacted with and/or received services from VSD since 2011. This includes people who were victimized before 2011 but have continued to receive VSD services in subsequent years. Individuals can receive services across multiple years but will never be counted more than once each year.  

Additional data notes 

  • The dates in this dashboard are based on the year VSD services were provided, rather than the date a case was assigned to VSD or the date a crime occurred. 
  • The unit of measurement for this dashboard is the victim case service number generated by VSD; an individual victim might be receiving services as a result of being impacted by more than one case, therefore might be connected to more than one case service number in the dataset. Our data cleaning process links case service numbers to names and ensures that the overall count of victims served includes each victim only once per year, regardless of the number of cases they are connected to. 

Victim Services Division
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