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Victim Services

Victim-Survivor Feedback Policy

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office welcomes feedback about its service. Your constructive comments provide an open channel of communication between the SFDA’s Office and the community, which enables us to maintain the highest possible standards.

Victim-Survivor Support

The SFDA’s Victim Services Division consists of 3 units: Advocacy, Victims Compensation Claims, and Restitution. Our goal is to ensure safety, help victims of crime mitigate the trauma of crime, navigate the criminal justice system, and rebuild their lives. Click Victim Services Division for more information about these services.

The importance of your feedback

The feedback process is designed to deal with each case factually and fairly. Victim-Survivors who file complaints are treated respectfully and the identified issues are taken seriously. All feedback is reviewed thoroughly.


The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office welcomes feedback about its service. If your feedback involves a specific employee, you will be asked his/her name, and the case number if appropriate. If you do not have this information, just explain what occurred giving the date and time.Three Ways You Can Submit Feedback to the SFDA’s Office:

Please provide any staff names, meeting dates, and other information relevant to your feedback. Choose one of the following three methods for submitting feedback:

  • Telephone the Victim Services Division at (628)-652-4000
  • Submit a feedback form via email using the link provided (victimservices@sfgov.org)
  • Mail a letter describing your complaint to the following address:

Victim Services Division

350 Rhode Island St, 400N

San Francisco, CA 94103

Depending upon the nature of your feedback, you will receive a response within 7-10 business days from the date the feedback is received by the Victim Services Division.

Internal Review Process

All Victim-Survivor feedback will be directed to the Assistant Chief (AC) of the Victim Services Division. The AC will conduct an initial review of feedback to determine if the feedback qualifies as a complaint. The AC will present a summary of feedback to the Chief of Victim Services Division on a weekly basis. Items that require immediate review will be brought to the attention of the Chief within 24 hours. If feedback is directed toward the performance and/or behavior of a VSD staff, Assistant District Attorney, or Paralegal the proper supervisor will be informed. All labor related compliant procedures and protections for staff will be followed. A response to the victim-survivor is required within 7-10 business days from the date the feedback is received. All feedback will be date stamped to ensure compliance with this requirement. It is the responsibility of the AC to ensure that follow up communication is completed.