Workers' Compensation Fraud Reporting

Workers Comp

In 2019, our office launched the Workers' Compensation Fraud Reporting public education campaign to raise awareness and encourage reporting of workers' compensation insurance fraud. This public education campaign aims to encourage employers and employees in predominantly minimum-wage and cash-paying businesses (i.e. childcare providers, caregivers, contractors, construction workers, restaurant servers, etc.) to anonymously report suspected workers' compensation insurance fraud.  


A few examples of workers' compensation insurance fraud include, but are not limited to:


•Falsely claiming or exaggerating the severity of a work-related injury or illness​

•Misrepresenting the nature of a business to receive a lower insurance premium

•Conspiring to file a fraudulent insurance claim

•Overtreating or overprescribing harmful and addictive drugs to treat an injury


Workers' compensation insurance fraud is a criminal offense. Our office wants to remind employers and employees in predominantly minimum-wage and cash paying businesses in San Francisco to be alert of fraudulent activity. If you think you are a victim of or have information about a fraudulent workers' compensation insurance claim, please report it to the San Francisco District Attorney's Office Hotline at (628) 652-4362 or the San Franicsco Police Department if you have additional questions or concerns.