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New Policy Offering Compensation for Victims of Police Violence

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Policy Directive

San Francisco District Attorney’s Office

Victims of Police Violence and Officer Involved Shootings

June 3, 2020


Recent events, including the killings of Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and George Floyd, remind us that there are victims and witnesses who are injured, killed, and traumatized by police violence and are not legally considered victims of crime unless the offending officer is charged with a crime. If the officer is not charged, these victims and witnesses do not qualify for California Victims of Crime Compensation. California Code 13956 allows victims to be excluded from accessing crime victims’ compensation if they are assumed to have contributed to their victimization. Additionally, the code requires that their victimization status is determined and certified by the very law enforcement agencies that may be responsible for the harm, making it nearly impossible to qualify for resources like medical, mental health, funeral and burial and relocations resources.

We will, of course, continue to prosecute legitimate cases of violence or resistance against law enforcement. However, the victims of excessive force and police violence and those who love them need financial resources to recover and heal from the violence. For this reason, we must make every effort to ensure we provide funding to assist victims, witness and families in the aftermath of officer involved violence including those harmed while exercising their right to free speech and peace protest against such acts.


We will now provide the following victim of crime compensation from the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office Victim Services Division for direct victims of police violence, witness of police violence, loved ones of police violence victims and peaceful protestors of police violence who residents of San Francisco or who were harmed in San Francisco.

  1. Funeral and Burial Assistance: Up to $7500 funds to pay for funeral and burial expense.
  2. Medical Bills: Up to $5000 in funds to pay for medical expenses including ambulance rides, emergency medical treatment, co-payments or rehabilitation expenses.
  3. Mental Health: Up to $1000 for mental health services including counseling or alternative mental health support for trauma directly related to violence in the current case.
  4. Relocation Expenses: Up to $2500 for relocation in the event of an imminent threat of continued violence, harassment or harm.
  5. Crime Scene Clean Up: Up to $1000 for crime scene cleanup directly related to the violence in current case.


Victims, witnesses and family members of victims should contact the Victims Services Division using contact information below to speak with a Victim Advocate who can assist them in applying for the above compensation. Documentation from medical, mental health or other
community-based service providers may be required. The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has full discretion in determining eligibility, financial need and distribution of funding.

For questions and assistance, please contact the Victim Services Division at 628-652-4100 or via email at victimservices@sfgov.org.