Subpoena Cancellations /Jury Trial Status

If the status of your case is “Cancelled” you will not need to appear in court. If your case states that it is Continued, you should receive a new subpoena to appear at a future date. If your case is Pending Trial, you should check this site daily for updates. If you do not see your case listed, please call (628) 652-4347.

If your case is trailing, please check the website daily after 4:30pm for updates

To search for your case, select Ctrl/F on your keyboard to perform a search using the Defendant Name or Police Report Number that’s listed on your subpoena

Cancelled/Rescheduled/Pending Trial

Adult Cases

Cancelled/Rescheduled/Pending Trial

Juvenile Cases

Please note that there will be no names displayed for cancelled juvenile cases. Juvenile cases will be cancelled by its juvenile number only.