SF District Attorney


Advisory Boards

Developing an effective public safety model requires partnering with our many diverse communities to better understand, prevent, and address issues facing specific groups in our city.

Each advisory board identifies relevant policy issues affecting the communities they represent for further investigation and action. Each group meets several times over the course of the year and consists of residents, neighborhood representatives, community-based organizations, merchants, and businesses.

Advisory boards:

  • Asian Pacific Islander (API)
  • Community Health (mental health, substance abuse)
  • Victim of Crimes
  • Justice Impacted (formerly Incarcerated and loved ones impacted by incarceration)
  • African American
  • Latinx
  • West Asia, North Africa
  • Women
  • Interfaith

For further information on the DA’s advisory boards, please Contact Lisa Ortiz at Lisa.Ortiz@sfgov.org.