Prop 47 is Working

1. Prop 47 has led to a reduction in California’s inmate population

fewer prisoners in jails and prisons.
less people in jail across the state. 

2. Prop 47 has lead to serious offenders remaining incarcerated

less people in jail across the state. 

3. Prop 47 has had major financial savings for justice reinvestment

in savings for justice reinvestment (more counselors, therapy, housing assistance, and job opportunities for those released from prison)
for people with drug abuse problems in San Francisco

4. Recidivism among those released under Prop 47 is low

recidivism rate (as of 2015)

5. Prop 47 has reduced racial disparities in California jails and prisons

between 2010 and 2015, the percent of prime-age African American males institutionalized went from 9.6% to 7.4%. The decline observed for African American males was six times that observed for white males
 African American males arrested per 100,000
African American males arrested and booked per 100,000 

6. Prop 47 has narrowed racial disparities in San Francisco 

There has been a decline in racial inequalities in pre-trial custody since the passage of Prop 47
14%, 10%, and 6%
decreases in the booking rates for African American, Hispanic, and White suspects, respectively. Before Prop 47, African Americans were more likely to be booked into county jail upon arrest and less likely to get a street citation
14.8% decrease
for African American suspects in the arrest to filing rate for felony drug charges