Prop 47

What is Prop 47?

On November 4th, 2014, California voters passed the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, also known as Prop 47, with about 60% of the vote.

Prop 47 Vote

Prop 47 reclassifies certain low-level, non-violent crimes from possible felonies to misdemeanors.

  • Simple drug possession
  • Petty theft under $950
  • Shoplifting under $950
  • Forgery under $950

Individuals serving (or who have already served) sentences for crimes that were felonies, but are now misdemeanors under Prop 47, can request for resentencing and record expungement (they can have their felony record erased). Also, the Act requires that all savings generated from a decrease in the statewide prison population as a result of Prop 47 must be used for criminal justice reinvestment efforts. 


Prop 47 is Working




Property Crime Rates Vary Across the State Following Prop 47


Motor Theft Index

Larceny Crime Index

Prop 47 Has Not Led to any Single Effect Regarding Property Crime Rates