Infractions Eligible for Dismissal

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MP 13 Soliciting Pedestrians 
MP 21 Drinking in Public
MP 22(a) Obstructing the Sidewalk
MP 25(a) No Trespassing where Prohibited
MP 33 Littering
MP 35(a) Dumping Garbage
MP 49 Amplified sound/ no permit/ 10PM-7AM
MP 63(a) Obstruction of Sidewalk ('A' boards)
MP 97 Living in Vehicle Prohibited 
MP 120-2(d)(3) Aggressive Solicitation
MP 153(a) Urinating/Defecating in Public
MP 168  Sit/Lie Ordinance 
MP 869 Peddling
MP 120-2(d)(1) Aggressive Soliciting:
MP 120-2(d)(2) Withing 20ft of an ATM or Check Cashing Business
MP 120-2(d)(3) In the Median or Soliciting to a Motor Vehicle 
MP 120-2(d)(4) In a Muni Parking Lot
MP 630 Unauthorized Removal of Newspapers 
MP 864 Scalping/Peddling, w/in 12' of an entryway
MP 869 Selling without a permit
PK3.10  Soliciting without a permit
PK 3.12 Camping in the Park
PK 3.13 Sleeping in the Park (between 8 PM and 8 AM)
PK 4.01 Disorderly Conduct in the Park
PK 4.06 Removal of Trees, Wood, etc.
PK 4.10 No Drinking in a Park
PK 4.11 Public Intoxication
PK 3.02 Sings to be obeyed
PK 3.10 Peddling without a permit
PK 3.12 No tents/Camping in a park
PK 3.13 No sleeping in park 8 PM - 8 AM
PK 4.02 No swimming
PK 4.04 Littering in park
PK 4.05 Destruction of property
PK 4.08 Interfering with Recreation and Park Employees
PK 4.10 Consume Alcohol in park/playground
PK 4.14 Fighting, Disturbing Peace, Offensive Words
PK 5.02 No animals in playground
Penal Code
PC 374.3(a) Illegal Waste Dumping/Disposal
PC 602.8(a) Trespassing
VC 22520.5 Soliciting on Freeway Ramp
VC 21950(b) Pedestrian's Duties
VC 21955 Jaywalking 
VC 21956(a) Walking
HC 41.5.1(a) Biting Dog
BP 25620(a) Open Container of Alochol