Implicit Bias Challenge Art Showcase

Welcome to the Implicit Bias Art Challenge Showcase.

What is implicit bias? Why is it important? Can we counteract it?

These are the critical questions that District Attorney Gascón posed to the different units of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office in inaugurating the office’s very first Implicit Bias Challenge.

The call of the challenge was simple: units within the office were asked to submit a collection of images to identify and combat our implicit bias perceptions. Implicit bias refers to the unconscious preferences many of us have, and are often unaware of, on matters of race, gender, sexual orientation, and class, just to name a few.

Recognizing the role of implicit bias in our work and the tremendous impact of our work on actual people and communities, District Attorney Gascón challenged the SFDA’s Office to identify our own unconscious biases and embrace a proven method for combating them: to reframe implicit biases as warm and competent through the use of art.

In celebration of the amazing work of the different units and the many artists and community members who participated in the challenge, the SFDA’s Office held its first Implicit Bias Challenge Art Showcase at the beautiful 111 Minna Gallery. The event provided a space for members of the community and the office to engage and further the important dialogue around implicit bias. Enjoy photos from the event!


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