IIB is an independent unit within the SFDA’s Office, which reports directly to the District Attorney, committed to ensuring law enforcement accountability by conducting independent investigations, and where warranted, criminally prosecuting officers who violate the law. 

IIB Structure


6 Attorneys, 6 DA Inspectors, and 2 Paralegals  

  • All prosecutors and inspectors come from organizations outside of the SFDA’s Office and SFPD
  • Prosecutors join IIB from the United States Department of Justice, nationally-recognized law firms, and local government, and hold degrees from institutions such as Cornell, U.C. Berkeley, Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, Yale, NYU, and Morehouse
  • Past litigation experience includes law enforcement abuse cases, wrongful convictions, civil rights violations, violent crimes, hate crimes, fraud, human trafficking, and public corruption offenses
  • Inspectors collectively bring over a century’s worth of law enforcement service and investigative experience
  • Inspectors join IIB as former captains, lieutenants, and supervisors
  • Inspectors have relevant experience in internal affairs, homicide, and use of force investigations, including officer-involved shootings

Independence of the Unit:

  • IIB reports directly to the District Attorney
  • IIB works autonomously and independently of every other unit within the District Attorney’s Office
  • Exclusively works on police use of force cases and post-conviction claims of innocence
  • All final reports written by IIB are submitted to the California Department of Justice and posted on the office’s website
  • The press is also notified of every decision.