DA Stat: Data Driven Decision-Making


Under the leadership of District Attorney Chesa Boudin, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office works tirelessly to hold offenders accountable and protect victims, and we innovate to break the cycle of crime. As gatekeepers of the criminal justice system, prosecutors have both a legal and ethical duty to ensure the system operates effectively to protect public safety and is free of bias. To that end, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office has defined the following core goals:

San Francisco District Attorney's Office Core Goals

  • ​To promote the fair, impartial, and expeditious pursuit of justice
  • To promote safer communities by restoring victims and reducing recidivism 
  • To promote efficiency and coordination throughout the criminal justice system
  • To promote inclusive, community-based crime prevention and interventions
  • To promote integrity in the prosecution profession

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To measure our success in achieving SFDA's goals, and to demonstrate the value of using data to ensure the fair and effective administration of justice, District Attorney Gascón created DA Stat in 2013. Since then, the SFDA has become one of the most renowned data-driven prosecutors' offices in the United States (Urban Institute Survey, 2018).

DA Stat is built on a commitment to data collection within the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, collaboration across local criminal justice agencies, and statistical analysis that generates meaningful operational metrics.

As stewards of the public trust and guardians of the constitution and the criminal justice system, SFDA is committed to public accountability and transparency. San Francisco is the first District Attorney's Office in the state of California to share prosecutorial data and metrics with the public. Through the DA Stat Dashboards, SFDA will share metrics dating back to 2011.

If you have questions regarding the DA Stat Dashboards, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage for more information.