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Special Operations

The Office's Special Operations Department is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of various types of corruption and white-collar and economic crimes committed in the City and County of San Francisco. Divided into highly specialized units, this Department is led by Chief Assistant District Attorney David Pfeifer and includes the White Collar Division, Investigations Division and the Brady, Appellate and Training Division. The Department is structured as follows:

Special Operations Organization Chart

White Collar Division: This division investigates and prosecutes various types of corruption and white-collar crime committed within San Francisco. The Division is divided into two units: Special Prosecutions and Economic Crimes which involves the prosecution of a range of crimes, including but not limited to: public integrity, financial elder abuse, bad check enforcement, consumer protection, environmental justice, and insurance fraud. June Cravett is Chief of the White Collar Division.

Special Prosecutions Unit: The Unit consists of four sub-units: (1) Public Integrity; (2) Justice Integrity; (3) Consumer; and (4) Environment and Workplace Safety. Julius Deguia is the Managing Attorney.

  • Public Integrity Unit: The Public Integrity Unit is a sub-unit of the Special Prosecutions Unit and is responsible for handling a wide spectrum of misconduct, including all forms of public corruption—ranging from bribery and theft of public funds to election fraud and illegal conflicts of interest.
  • Consumer & Environmental Unit: The Consumer Protection Unit is a sub-unit of the Special Prosecutions Unit and serves the public primarily through civil litigation, criminal prosecution, mediation of consumer complaints, community outreach and consumer educational programs. This Unit also prosecutes environmental crimes, such as unlawful discharges of pollution to the air or water, unlawful dumping or storage of hazardous materials and waste, fish kills or fraudulent environmental reporting.

Economic Crimes Unit: The Unit consists of six sub-units: (1) Welfare Fraud; (2) Insurance Fraud; (3) Real Estate Fraud; (4) Mortgage/Investment Fraud; (5) Financial Elder Abuse; and (6) High-tech Crimes. Conrad Del Rosario is the Managing Attorney.

  • Mortgage/Investment/Real Estate Fraud Unit: This sub-unit of the Economic Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating and presenting all types of fraud connected with mortgages and real estate.
  • Financial Elder Abuse/Real Estate Fraud Unit: The office’s Elder Abuse Unit consists of specially trained prosecutors dedicated to prosecuting all types of crimes perpetrated against the elderly and dependent adults.
  • High Tech/ID Theft Unit: The High Tech/ID Theft Unit is a sub-unit of the Economic Crimes Unit and handles cases involving identity theft and crimes that utilize or predominantly feature computer technology.
  • Insurance & Welfare Fraud Unit: The Unit investigates and prosecutes people who make fraudulent claims against their carrier or their employer. In addition, the Unit investigates employers who are uninsured or who wrongfully underreport their workforce or in any way try to avoid compensating an injured worker The Unit also prosecutes unscrupulous medical providers who try to misuse the insurance system.

To report mortgage and real estate fraud, elder financial fraud or workers compensation abuse, call the District Attorney's Fraud Hotline 415-553-9535.

Investigations Division: District Attorney Investigators play a critical role in prosecuting offenders. The District Attorney's Bureau of Investigations (DAI) is composed of sworn peace officers who work closely with our prosecutors to fully develop documentary, physical, and testimonial evidence for trial. In addition, DAI also investigates certain types of White Collar Division cases. James Kerrigan is the Chief of DAI.

Brady, Appellate and Training Division: Jerry Coleman is Chief of the Brady Appellate and Training Division.

  • Trial/Brady Integrity: The Trial/Brady Integrity Unit is primarily responsible for satisfying the Office’s constitutionally-compelled discovery obligations under the decision of Brady v. Maryland from the United States Supreme Court.
  • Law & Motion/Writs & Appeals: The Law & Motion/Writs & Appeals Unit researches, writes and argues all writs and appeals generated by the Office and handles post-trial legal requests for relief to courts above the trial court level, as well as People's writs to challenge court actions while a case is pending at the trial level. Laura Zunino is the Managing Attorney.
  • Staff Training & Intern Unit: The Staff Training & Intern Unit identifies all office personnel training needs and seeks to fill them by obtaining the best possible resources and lecturers to assist staff.

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